Sunday, May 20, 2012

Musings on NBC's Upcoming Show "Revolution"

Lost, Fringe, and the Star Trek reboot have essentially made me into an unrepentant JJ Abrams fanboy. It means that I'll suffer through some bad stuff (Undercovers), some mediocre stuff (Alcatraz), and dive into things loving it more than I thought I would (Super 8). The fall television season is, to be frank, looking rough early on. both for fans of quality television as well as fans of genre shows. The best show I'm seeing coming about for the fall so far, however, happens to be this JJ Abrams post-apocalyptic "(Nothing But) Flowers"-inspired (no, not really) drama Revolution.

The plot is pretty simple, even if there's a mystery so far as to the why - at some point in the near future, the electricity goes out. And it's not coming back on. The world quickly devolves into a sort of factional chaos, with localized militias, fascist rule, the whole nine yards. Plus, it stars the dad from the Twilight movies, so you know it has to be good. Right? Right.

On one hand, it feels like Terra Nova without the dinosaurs. Granted, I trust JJ Abrams much further for interesting, complex, sci-fi drama before I trust Steven Spielburg (who is associated with more popcorn-accessible fare, fair accounting or not), but Terra Nova was really a bad, bad thing that shouldn't be spoken of, Nerf guns and all. On the other hand, there's the fact that we haven't gotten a good post-apocalyptic show in some time. Perhaps Jericho comes close (I didn't watch it), and while The Walking Dead and Battlestar Galactica certainly qualify in some ways, you're not watching those shows for post-future survival.

Of all the shows coming up this fall, I'm definitely looking forward to this one. My wife watched 2 minutes of the preview with me and simply said "I'm in," which is a solid reaction for any show - we certainly couldn't say the same about Animal Practice. We'll see, in any regard - with such limited offerings for the sci-fi/fantasy fix these days...

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