Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Batman Arkham Asylum Square Enix Play Arts Kai Action Figure (Phew!)

What on earth is a Batman Arkham Asylum Square Enix Play Arts Kai action figure? And do I have to type that out every single time?

I don't really know the entire answer to either of those questions, but I did buy one in Quality Comics' recent Free Comic Book Day sale and I can confirm that it is a super articulated 9 inch Batman action figure based on his appearance in the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum video game. And he can do just about anything. Seriously.



Join me after the jump for more images and a few more thoughts.

If you're determined to own a plastic effigy of a maniac winged-mammal millionaire who sulks, spits, and punches people in the teeth, then you'd be hard pressed to find a more fun action figure. Yes, they've nailed the brooding, muscular, and admittedly kinda' gaudy video game meets comic book look, but I'm most impressed by his ability to hold just about any pose, whether it's action-fascist or catalogue model:

This is the sort of figure that I need to have on my desk at home to idly place in puerile poses to amuse my short attention span. I don't own much Batman stuff at all but felt pretty convinced that I had to have one of these after seeing all the promo photos. I think he will bring me all sorts of unexpected joy and I really wish I had a miniature sombrero, poncho, and bottle of tequila for him.

He has two sets of hands, one for holding things and one for punching things that cannot be held. Another nice touch is that the whole left side of his cape is removable and can be replaced with a alternatively sculpted piece which menacingly wraps around his torso more:

You'll also note that he's packing a trademark batarang, and he also has a three headed grappling gun in case he wants to draw and quarter himself.

Sadly he doesn't come with the guitar, which is a shame because he's a natural.

The only issue I have with him is that one of the rubber pouches on his utility belt frequently detaches and I'm inevitably going to lose it, and then I'm inevitably going to lose it. And then everybody loses. Super glue will probably fix it but I don't want to inadvertently anchor his belt to his waist. Because then how would Batman do The Twist?

Still, it's probably one of the better Batmans out there at this scale - especially if you're a fan of the game - although I wouldn't necessarily pay full price for him. But I would snap him up if you can get him at a discount like I did. A cursory glance at online retailers sees him selling out at quite a few places.

I dig the Play Arts Kai line (whatever that means) and was impressed to see that they've also done a rendition of Mark Hamill's Joker, and a pig-tailed Harley Quinn will be released within a couple of months. They've also delved into other popular videogame characters such as their upcoming Nathan Drake. Oh, and I'm tempted by their Chun-Li because I have always been incredibly fascinated by her giant thighs. They never fail to spinning-bird-kickstart my heart. I'm going to shut up now.

Please tell me where I can buy a tiny sombrero.


  1. Rockgod Batman made me snort into my tea.

  2. Cool figure! I'm also super impressed that your Floyd's bass guitar is STILL attached to it's amp after all these years! That patch-cord was about the first Muppet thing I ever had break on me...