Sunday, May 6, 2012

Avengers Chibis by Bulls I Toy

I found these Avengers Chibi toys at Target yesterday and figured I'd take a chance. I really like the designs, and thought it would be my little way of jumping on the Avengers bandwagon. (Note: I haven't seen any of the individual films, or the Avengers film)

Look at all the possibilities! Wait until you see what I got!

Before I reveal these, I should mention that they're pretty tiny. In comparison, they go up to the shoulder of a Lego minifig. These have no articulation, and limited detail. But they're super-stylized, and that's why I was interested in them. Plus they were $2.99 for a three pack. You can't buy three of much for $2.99 today.

They're also made of a very hard plastic. I was so excited to see they didn't go the route of the softer designed, but hugely popular, Squinkies (and the other similar products that have followed in their path).

So my excitement was pretty much shot once I opened this pack. I think I received the three worst characters possible. No cool helmets, sunglasses, eyepatches or anything like that.

Bruce Banner. I'm guessing he doesn't have any money? Or he wears his dad's suit?

Agent Coulson. At least he came with a cell phone and a gun shooting into the air. 

Black Widow. The only actual superhero that I got, but nowhere near as cool as some of the others.
Here's a group shot:

Yeah.... I was laughing with how silly this pack was. But it effectively made me want to go back and buy more right away. Even with the selection of characters that I got, I really like the designs. I'll be back for more this week, and I'll be keeping an eye on Bulls I Toy. According to their site, these are the first of their line of Chibis. I'd love to see more to round out my collection. Here's hoping to a guy reading a newspaper from the upcoming Spider-Man movie, or Dwalin's third cousin from a cut scene in The Hobbit.


  1. Well, at least Coulson is better than Steve!

  2. R u trade widow

    1. i happen to have 2 black widows what do you have that you are willing to trade for?

  3. i got iron man, Coulson, Banner, Nick Fury, and 2 black widows lol
    i was hopeing for a captain america (maybe even a steve XD)

  4. these are the ugliest things I've ever seen.