Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Book Was Better Podcast. Episode 17: Jurassic Park!

Hold onto your butts! It's a brand new episode of The Book Was Better podcast and Jessica discuss, dissect and openly mock Jurassic Park! No. Not the Crichton version. But why waste my words when I can quote Jess!
"THE BOOK OF THE MOVIE OF THE BOOK. The dinosaur is eating its own tail! But will the junior novelization get across the majestic herds of CGI creatures, the heart-pounding intensity of the action, and the understated Spielbergian brilliance of the imminent T-rex attack? No, of course not."

Grab it from the official site HERE or download it on ITUNES. And for god's sake leave a review, people!! 

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  1. The Perfect Storm is one of these books. It was infinitely better than the movie.