Friday, June 22, 2012

Here... We... GO! Hot Toys Joker 2.0 Raises the Bar.

We've teased it but here's the full reveal from the official Facebook page. The uncannily skilled artisans at Hot Toys knock it so far out of the park that it's not even the same game any more. If you thought that Hot Toys had peaked and were incapable of surprising you, then you're wrong. Their Joker 2.0 has two interchangeable heads. This is the laughing one:

No. That's not a photograph of Heath Ledger. That's an action figure. 

Pick your jaw up from the floor and join me after the jump.

I really am almost rendered speechless by this one. Nobody is - or has ever - produced this kind of work. This is art now.

Here's the other head...

Oh, and if you needed the deal sweetened, it looks like he comes with his interrogation desk:

And let's just view these last few images with silent reverence...

So I'm buying it. I will battle you for it. I'll race you! What more needs to be said?

When our best buds at Sideshow Collectibles have the pre-order we'll be among the first to tell you!

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