Saturday, June 23, 2012

Supanova Haul Tease.

Giant pop culture expo Supanova exploded all over Perth today as shoulder-to-shoulder (anime-wig-Halo-armour) crowds flooded the exhibition halls. The staff at the event welcomed us with open arms and over the course of an extremely chaotic day we photographed costumed attendees, met celebrity guests, attended panels, sold comics, and bought a hell of a lot of stuff!

One of my big goals with this coverage is to review a ton of new and recent product and showcase some of the awesome Australian stores who can hook you up if you're on our side of the globe. There is much photographing and editing to do but we'll trickle out reviews over the next week or so. But to keep you keen, here is a tease of what you can expect.

Yes. That is a portal gun. Yes. It is awesome. Yes... I'll try to review that first.

Thanks to everyone today for being so good to us! Plenty more soon!

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