Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sponsor News: Let's Discuss This Week's Toy and Collectibles Highlights!

Our good friends at Big Bad Toy Store have update their Aladdin's Cave of Wonders with a heaving slew of toys and collectibles available for pre-order and sale this week! As always, I am going to pick out a few highlights to share with you, the discerning and pleasant-smelling collector!

Like these crazy cool Transformers who transform into baseball caps!

Although you can't actually wear them on your giant human head, it's not hard to imagine the chilling scenario where alien robots covertly hide on our scalps, surreptitiously extinguishing humanity by feeding radiation into our brains! This pair of Transformers Capbots by Takara includes the aptly named Captimus Prime and the evil Capticon. When the robots start disguising themselves as underpants it is all over!

You can pre-order them here for $49.99 for the set of two! Or choose from a whole heap of other new Transformers stuff here

And to check out the other things I spied... after the jump!

"You're a Firefly fan, right?" I ask, and as you nod eagerly I ease my finger off the trigger. Well, Serenity Little Damn Heroes by Quantum Mechanix are 4 and a bit inch maquettes designed to look like animated versions of the show's characters. And if you're a big enough fan then you probably want to treat yourself to a tiny figurine of ship prostitute Inara...

You can pre-order this pleasure-powerhouse for a mere $36.99, or if you're impatient you can buy Kaylee right here as she's already in stock!

Now what is a Bishoujou? I'm told it refers to popular characters rendered with "traditional Japanese stylings" but I am assuming it's literal translation is "Gigantic Breasts". And who better to carry on that proud tradition than the near-crippling chest of the bountiful Power Girl!

I'm not much of a fan of this style but I do have a spot in my heart for the gravity defying Power Girl, easily my favourite gigantic breasted DC comics character after Gorilla Grodd. She stands 9 inches tall and can be pre-ordered now for $59.99. More Bishoujou here

And if you're having trouble explaining all the Bishoujou on your shelves then you may as well throw in this one too:

It's the Hit Girl School Girl 9 inch statue by Dynamic Forces from the kickass movie Kickass. Celebrate murderous juveniles by pre-ordering her for $249.99

Oh! Look at this! It's the Comedian from Watchmen... No wait.. from Before Watchmen!

It didn't even occur to me that this bold new series could be merchandised as well! What a stroke of luck for DC! 

Ignoring all the controversy, I've always loved the Comedian design and this is a nice piece from DC Direct. He's just a little too baby-faced for me. I prefer the scarred up, older, rapist version. He stands 10 inches tall and can be pre-ordered for a very reasonable $134.99. Just don't tell Alan!!

Okay... just the other day I introduced a friend to the Half-Life fan fiction mocking video Half Life Full Life Consequences so I'm kind of overjoyed to see this figure of Gordon Freeman from NECA, complete with crowbar and headcrab!

Pre-order Gordon for a tiny $18.99 and get ready to dispense physics-based scientist justice!

Now let's look at a couple of item IN STOCK! ZOMG!

I don't feel that we've talked enough about The Avengers on this site, so why not snap up a couple of harder to find 4 inch figures while you still can! God of mischief, Loki is rarer than a fat guy with a clean-shaven neck at a comic con, but he can be yours right now for $15.99.

And over-achieving archer Hawkeye is even rarer still! You can add him to your collection by coughing up $16.99. Aren't you glad he comes with a normal looking bow as well as this crazyass accessory?

And finally I wanted to give some love to the Play Arts Kai figures by Square Enix! This God of War III Kratos is pretty boss...

Today we've learned that women are scantily clad and have big breasts, and men are gritty, determined individuals, covered in the ash of their dead family members. He's not quite in stock, but pre-order him for $59.99 and you should see him in July.

Anything inspiring or exciting for you this week?

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