Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OK Then, Let's Watch the Iron Man 3 Trailer!

So apparently this little Iron Man thing is turning out quite successful so now we get a third one, Iron Man 3: Iron Harder. After the slap that was the teaser of the teaser of the trailer, we now get a full three minute look at this thing, directed by Shane the maniac Black. Check it out...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about all this, however, it looks like The Avengers was far too funny and jovial so now Tony Stark is going to soliloquise and mope around in the snow. Note that this is also the debut of Sir Ben "I'll-Do-Anything" Kingsley's turn as comics' favourite racially insensitive villain: Mandarin. I don't know what his powers will be in this film but if I had chunky rings like that I was just constantly punch people in the face/throat. Ben Kingsley is pretty old though so if a flying laser-shooting robot is really having trouble from a beardy old coot in a hood then Stark might want to rethink how he's spending his money.

What do you think? Go on! Say something sensible!

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  1. wow things just got REAL for tony stark! Got anything quippy to say now? Do ya, tony? Hmmm???