Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hot Toy's Reveal Resident Evil's Ada Wong!

It feels like it's been a little bit quiet on the Hot Toys front, with most of the reveals of our favourite eerily realistic 1/6th scale figures happening around convention season. But those plucky artistes in Hong Kong are still cranking new work out, but not what you might expect. We've mostly admired their movie based lines, but they also do release the odd video game based figure, case in point being Resident Evil 4's - or as it's known in Japan Biohazard 4's - sultry Ada Wong.

Could this open the door to an ultra-realistic Hot Toys Pac-Man? Join me after the jump for more images and discussion!

My own Resident Evil engagement is somewhat perfunctory. I know I've played and enjoyed some of the earlier ones, and I got most of the way through 5, but I'm terribly familiar with the core characters. But I do know that there are a hell of a lot of fans out there, many of which are also fans of Hot Toys, so Ada's 1/6th scale debut is worth noting.

What is most interesting to me is the challenge that such a figure provides for the Hot Toys team. I mostly appreciate their realistic detail and ability to accurately capture celebrity likeness. So what happens when their source material is a not-so-realistic video game character? Stare into the tortured eyes of Ada Wong and you be the judge...

It's still excellent work but doesn't quite have the wow factor for me. But then again I'm not such a big fan. If I loved the character I might feel a little differently. Which really gets me thinking... which video game characters would I be excited to see get the royal Hot Toys treatment? The powerful thighs of Chun-Li? Quite possibly. Fully armoured characters from Mass Effect? Now that would be amazing! And I have a friend or two who might squeal at a Hot Toys Nathan Drake. I really hope they start to explore...

Ada Wong's outfit is a little on the basic side but it looks like she comes with a fair bit of stuff and is priced lower than your typical movie figure...

I don't understand the significance of the old skool tommygun but it's pretty great...

And here you can see a ton of accessories including a badass crossbow and a pair of sunglasses - shame they didn't photograph her in them.

Are you a Resident Evil fan? Does this figure appeal? Have they nailed it or not? Speak, damn you! Holy crap.. it's like I'm not even here.

And if this does hit you right in your Resident Evil fan button you can, of course, pre-order Ada right now from our dear friends at Sideshow Collectibles. Go on! Make us happy!
Hot Toys Video Game Masterpiece Series Ada Wong - Resident Evil 4 HD - Sixth Scale Figure

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