Monday, October 22, 2012

Kickstart the Week: Super Comboman - A Beat-em-up Sticker Action Platformer

There's just something too cool about a hero with a talking fanny pack...

Super Comboman is about an energetic islander named Struggles (Strugs) who lives in a sticker universe and rocks a distinguishable talking fanny pack named Fanny and slick hair style. Due to his obsession with comics gets into mischief where at his jobs which he takes to take care of his little brother Lil Nug.
The game is about comboing mindless workers, breaking a ton of stuff, juggling physics items and interacting in the sticker world.
This game reminds me of everything I love about Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Castle Crashers all in one. Playing as stickers is a sweet bonus too.

Super Comboman is going to be available for Mac and PC, but not without your help! They've already hit about $4000 in funding, but there is still a long way to go to the funding goal of $14,900. With 23 days left, it shouldn't be impossible, but Kickstarter has been odd lately. Projects that you would expect to fund haven't, and vice versa. Overall it seems like we're in a little lull, or maybe the last few months have just been a big boom.

There are some really nice rewards (even with it's fairly low funding goal), like the art book, printed fanny pack, actual stickers, and even a MadCatz custom fight stick, which looks like the only way to play.  Especially for those like me who cannot function with a keyboard and mouse.

Visit Super Comboman on Kickstarter:

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