Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hasbro's Star Wars "Black Series" is For Distinguished Manchildren!

I may have been too quick to judge the toy-making elves at Hasbro who I’ve accused many times recently of abandoning manchild Star Wars collectors to focus on simpler, cheaper toys aimed at kids. This reckless assumption was mostly derived from the obvious scaling back of the classic 3 3/4” action figure line although a fresh reveal shows that Hasbro is in fact still doing their part for collectors - just not in the familiar scale.

Check out this first image (cribbed from USA Today) of the newly announced Star Wars Black Series which features super articulated detailed figures, now in a bigger 6” scale. It’s a pretty nifty Luke Skywalker in X-Wing pilot gear and I have to say that the young Mark Hamill likeness looks to be lightyears ahead of anything we’ve seen in the smaller line...

Classy box too. I love the idea of a premium “black label” edition. You know, like whiskey. Or Penthouse.

We’re not going to see these until around August though and the first wave is expected to be Luke, a sandtrooper, R2D2 and Darth Maul. Only eight figures are planned for 2013 which means that it will probably take around 40 years to get through all the major characters. Plenty of room to move, huh, Hasbro? I’m especially looking forward to seeing more actor likenesses.

These will be $20 in the US, which means they’ll probably be at least $30 here in Australia, even though our dollar is mighty and could totally beat the crap out of your puny dollar. There’s always online stores but shipping will be a bitch. These guys look heavy.

Good move, Hasbro! I’m excited about these - you did well! All is forgiven.Hug it out with me, bro!


  1. This is the exact thing that will suck me right back into collecting Star Wars figures. I am so excited about these.

  2. I love good packaging. the "adult collector" angle has made me fidget shiftily in front of the premium Barbies in recent times.

  3. I wonder if the local ToysRUs or other toy shops in the area will get these? ToysRUs locally tends to be hit and miss much of the time and the other fave toy shop in the area is usually 6-9 months behind current releases which would see these hits the shelves at that store early 2014!