Monday, January 28, 2013

Wayne Dorrington Leads The Way In Our Ghostbusters Fan Art Gallery

A few weeks back we featured The Art of Wayne Dorrington; a showcase of Wayne's variety of pop culture influenced art in varying styles and mediums (illustration, papercraft, iconoscope and more).

Now, Wayne is back with another superb movie poster... this time tackling the fan favorite Ghostbusters.

For close up detail shots (there are lots of wonderful details), visit:

And if we've got you in the ghost busting mood, click through the jump for a whole lot of Ghostbusters (and Real Ghostbusters) fan art. It ranges from amazing to cute to just plain weird.

Fan art bustin' makes me feel good! (No, seriously, I love this stuff.)

by Ale Giorgini

by Svee Wheeler

by oliverojm

by Dan Schoening

by Dan Schoening

by b-maze

by xmagicalx

by zfura

by DrFaustusAU

by Andy Helms

by DrFaustusAU

by BezerroBizarro

by Unknown

by Jon Boam

by Derrico13

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