Monday, January 28, 2013

Kickstart the Week: Monster Moos!

My wife and I have a spawnling on the way in a few months, and the eventual "how do I introduce the rugrat to some of my favorite hobbies" is already going through my mind. Obviously I can't play Cards Against Humanity with them, so what other option is there? Monster Moos hopes to change that:

Looking around we find very limited options when it comes to good tactical board games that parents and their kids can play together, and be on equal footing.


In Monster Moos! players take on the role of inter-dimensional cowboys riding the range in a limbo plane called "The Field". The Field is populated by monstrous cows (called Moos) that have escaped from their home dimensions. Your goal is to try to wrangle as many Dragon Moos, Ghost Moos, Cyborg Moos, and/or Zombie Moos as you can before the other cowboys.

I love the idea behind this, as well as the concept itself. With a $25 entry level price point for the game itself as well, it's not going to break the bank.

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  1. Jeff, thank you so much for the sharing. I wanted to let you know we relaunched on Kickstarter and are doing much better! We even hope to hit stretch goals this time. :)