Thursday, January 3, 2013

X-Box Live Trolling At Its Finest

Professional video game troll Normal Difficulty has put together a year end video jam-packed with his signature Call of Duty pranks. Now you might consider this trolling, especially if you were in some of the sessions, but I consider it pure entertainment.

This video is 20 minutes long and definitely peaks in the first 10. It starts off with The Commentator, his awkward pimply teen voice that sets people off instantly while blocking their path so they can't play the game, and then there's The Breather, a flawless Darth Vader impression that never stops to take a breath. And finally there is his Mickey Mouse impression with my favorite quote of the whole video.

"I'm 12 and I was born after the first 151 Pokemon... hoa ha!"

Here's the video. After just a few seconds you'll see who the real trolls are...

NSFW warning. Also, the (standard... sadly) X-Box Live gay-bashing is in full effect.

Much more (including him messing with people using a Samuel L. Jackson soundboard) at:

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