Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Art of Wayne Dorrington: Star Wars Iconoscopes / Pepetz / Tabletop and Classic Book Covers

In the age of Twitter, things go by real fast. So fast that if you blink, you'll miss a few hundred carefully crafted 140 character messages (including the link to this article). But thankfully I paused today to click on a link to Wil Wheaton as Jesus in a Last Supper-themed piece of high-quality fan-art.

Just a small taste. Check out the full image here.
The fan happened to be the wonderful artist Wayne Dorrington, best known for his Star Wars Iconoscopes, huge silhouette-styled images showing the events of Episodes 4-6. His style is generally very minimalistic and silhouette heavy, but then again his Princess Leia Pepetz papercraft is quite different, and very cool. So cool that I had to print and make my own. You can too, for free! 

Print your own at
I felt that I HAD to share his art, just incase you haven't seen it. Click through the jump for some of his his Books By Their Covers Series (Oh man, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!), and a massive Star Wars: A New Hope Iconoscope.

There were some movie posters too:

If you dig deeper there are some really nice corporate-styled graphics. So much detail!

And here is the Star Wars Episode 4 Inconoscope. If you still don't know what one is, start scrolling now... and keep scrolling.

Dig around his site for more awesome illustrations.

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