Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

I don't know about the rest of the world but it is HOT this week in Toronto...try not to drip sweat on your comics!  Oh speaking of which this week's comics were all released on July 10, 2013...

Justice League #22 - "I see the aftermath of a great war.  And I see one word that defines it: Trinity."

The "Trinity War" begins here!!  What a compelling issue of Justice League!  I almost don't know what to say about it that doesn't give too much away...there's a lot going on.  It all starts with Pandora...Shazam....Superman and Wonder Woman...Amanda Waller and her Justice League of America...Martian Manhunter has definitely got some secret agenda...Catwoman and Batman do a little trash talking...and Madam Xanadu makes an appearance with a vision of a terribly bleak future.  Things are not looking up for our heroes! 

Well, I won't say more than that about the plot but as far as I'm concerned this isthe best issue of Justice League yet in the New 52!  They've been teasing this storyline for over a year now and this first issue totally lives up to the hype!  Great art, great story...and soon to be continued in Justice League of America!  I can't wait!

What other titles made this week's list?  So glad you asked!  Find out after the JUMP!

Batman #22 - "Much as I hate to admit it...I like you..."

The "Zero Year" Bat-Origin story continues this month as a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne attempts to operate as a anonymous vigilante in the streets of Gotham, fighting with the Red Hood gang!   He also has to butt heads with both Alfred (who is pretty sure he's lost his mind) and his uncle Philip Kane - currently in charge of Wayne Enterprises...both of whom want Bruce to announce his return to Gotham publicly and try to help the city the way his parents did, using his resources in more...conventional ways. 

This may well be my new favourite issue of Batman in the New 52!  The story is really interesting, the artwork and colour are fantastic, and we are getting all sorts of neat insights into the mind of a young and brash Bruce.  Not to mention a few "first" appearances by some of his usual rogues (Riddle me this!)...very cool!!

Superman Unchained #2 - "You're being watched, Clark.  Watched from the darkness..."

Lots going on in the second issue of Superman Unchained this week!  Superman is battling a terrorist group known as Ascension who seem able to take control of almost any technology by remote control...ironically, they are fighting AGAINST technology in general.  Well, bad guys who go up against Superman in the first place obviously can't be all that bright.  Superman's also trying to solve the mystery of whose hand print was on the satellite wreckage from last issue...for that, he gets help from this issue's cameo - Batman!!

That doesn't even mention the side plots involving Lois Lane, her dad General Lane, and of course, Lex Luthor!  Lots going on in this book!  All beautifully written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jim Lee!  Who could ask for more?

Worlds' Finest #14 - "Lately every time I leave you alone, I come back to a disaster."

Power Girl and Huntress are having a rough time lately, as they've been targeted for persecution and (most likely) eventually EXECUTION by one of Darkseid's most twisted minions, Desaad!  He's destroying everything of theirs that he can get his hands on...technology from Power Girl's company, safe houses, even Huntress' cape!  It's getting to the point where our heroes are even considering revealing themselves to this Earth's Justice League to ask for help (If they'd been reading Justice League, they'd know everyone's busy)!  It may be a moot point anyway, as it looks like Desaad is about to close in for the kill!

I've been really happy with Worlds' Finest lately...a book that started out with an apparent lack of direction has gotten better in leaps and bounds!  Both story and art have got me hooked, especially now that Power Girl's got her original (boob window) costume.  Classic.

Nightwing #22 - "Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that.  I'd have like, six bucks."

Welcome new artist Will Conrad to Nightwing this month as our hero confronts the Mayor of Chicago in his continuing efforts to bring Tony Zucco, his parents' killer, to justice!  Of course the Mayor is not exactly clean and innocent, either...Also, unfortunately for Nightwing there's a scheme afoot to make it seem to the public at large that he's working WITH the much more extreme masked criminal, the Prankster.  Not good, particularly when Prankster starts holding people hostage and causing a lot of death and destruction around the city!

This book has really been picking up and going strong since old Dick Grayson moved to Chicago...and it looks like it will continue in good hands with Will Conrad on pencils!  He hits a nice combination of energy and movement with good detail and realism in his pencils that I think really suits the former Boy Wonder.  Hopefully he'll stick around for a few issues!  Kyle Higgins on writing duties is great as always...he really captures Dick's personality and voice, even if the plot sometimes has to take a back-seat to Bat-cross-overs and whatnot.  Regardless, this is a title that keeps getting better!

And that makes 5 for the week!  Too bad cause in Batgirl #22, Barbara decides to QUIT...definitely deserves an honourable mention...check out the cover...

Another New Comic Book day tomorrow!  We'll be getting new issues of Wonder Woman, Justice League of America (continuing the Trinity War!), Supergirl and more!

 I didn't really write anything for Stryder's Dementia cause I was sitting by a lake with a guitar.  I did however film some of the aforementioned sitting...take a look!

And that's the end of that!  Try not to melt if you step outside and have a good week!  Peace!

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