Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 4

Another week out of the way. Considering how crazy the first few weeks were, it was kind of strange to see things basically move in a straightforward, drama-free direction (first night following the Head of Household competition notwithstanding).

As we enter the reign of King Judd following the fall of Jeremy, let's take a look at the rankings:

Some notes:

* Jeremy getting legitimately backdoored (nominated without a chance to play for the veto) was the smartest HOH move we've seen all season so far. While the house is a little less interesting without Jeremy in it, they really had to get him out.

* Helen went on a bit of a power trip this week, and I don't know if that will hurt her in the long run or not yet. With Judd as HOH, it won't matter too much, but might be something to look at.

* GinaMarie nearly lost it with Nick out of the house. Hilarious.

* The MVP vote shifts this week, where the MVP vote is for who goes up for eviction, not who chooses someone. So Elissa will not be MVP, but might still go up because voters are stupid. Or smart.

With this out of the way after a pretty straightforward week...

Helen ran probably the most efficient HOH in recent memory - she got a major threat out of the house, made sensible nominations designed to get her initial target out, exposed bad players, and kept her head. Whether her power hungry nature hurts her long term remains to be seen, though.

Elissa won MVP for the third week in a row, enough so that CBS is changing the twist for week four. She's not in danger as long as Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin are still in the house. Aligned quite firmly with Helen, she's in great shape.

Judd has an HOH win to go along with his social game now, so Judd is starting to shape up as a major player in the game and well-respected by everyone in the house. If he gets who he wants out this week, he's going to be in excellent shape moving forward, especially since he won't be a top threat for anyone.

McCrae is playing an interesting game right now. Between him and Amanda (the last remaining true showmance in the house, assuming the Candace/Howard thing is less serious), they have a bit of a power couple thing going for themselves.

Amanda could be just as easily interchanged with McCrae, so I'd put them both as a tie for 4th at this point. At least for the next month or so, it's unlikely one leaves without the other being on the block for eviction with them.

Andy is playing a good social game and is aligned with the right people. He needs to win something eventually, but for now? He's sitting pretty.

Jessie had a few bad weeks but has settled things down a bit since then. Not a strong player, but no longer a target, either.

Candace does need to step up a bit, and her being aligned with Howard both helps (since he's a target) and hurts (because it gives the appearance that she's being shielded). She's probably not in danger unless someone like Aaryn or GinaMarie somehow win Head of Household.

Spencer had a bad week, and is mostly alone in the house, but benefits from being a smaller target than a lot of the folks below him. He can expect to be a pawn quite often until Howard, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie get ousted. He needs a big change in the house to be able to get far at this point, perhaps an HOH win in the next few weeks.

Kaitlyn's showmance, Jeremy, is out. While people feel she can compete, I'm actually rather down on her. She'll likely be a pawn as well at some point, but she's far from the current target as well.

Aaryn will go home in the next few weeks, perhaps as early as this week depending on how the new MVP twist goes. Worse, she's completely oblivious to her situation. Girl's a mess and should be gone before jury.

GinaMarie has become a Nick-obsessed obnoxious crazy person, and I think people are getting fed up with it in the House. She's not long for this world, either, it's just a question as to which racist loon the house ditches first.

Howard officially brings up the rear this week as his game has completely fallen apart, as no one trusts him socially and everyone fears him physically. Expect him to be backdoored like Jeremy was this week in an attempt to get him out for good. In a more just world, GinaMarie and Aaryn would leave before him, but people are just too scared of strong competition this season.

Juddment Day is upon us, so it will be interesting to see how this week pans out.

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