Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lego Minifigures Series 11 Revealed! And Some New Lego Minecraft Sets While We're At It!

Just when I thought I was out, they bring me back in.

LEGO's extremely popular line of blind-packaged collectible Minifigures (much like old Star Trek movies) seem to have alternated in quality from wave to wave. Series 9 was bold and imaginative, and then Series 10 was comparatively bland with a lot of re-used and repurposed parts. But fear not, because we're due a good one again and, while there are some pieces you'll recognise, I don't think LEGO Minifigure Series 11 will disappoint!

Those timely and no doubt handsome upstarts at Brickset are the folks who nabbed this picture after the figures themselves began to leak into Polish supermarkets. Like many things, it gets bigger if you click on it...

Pretty cool, huh! I'll talk more about who they are, plus show you two new upcoming Minecraft official LEGO sets... after the jump!

Okay, I'm definitely excited about Series 11 - so let's take a closer look at what we have...

1. Is a barbarian. We've had plenty of historical warriors before but this is new and it's badass.

2. Is a scarecrow. I'd say he's using the same hat from the Scarecrow in the Batman line. A lot of value here with the pitchfork and crow included. If it can actually plug into the top of his hat I'll be impressed. (Yes, I'm easily impressed.

3. Described as "pretzel girl" she's clearly a busty Germanic barmaid. All she's missing is two massive jugs.

4. They say "Evil mech" but he looks more like a space marine/clone trooper to me. We've had this helmet and armor before but in white and orange, so this is the bad guy equivalent. It's cool when sub themes emerge.

5. Tiki warrior. I love tiki culture and this mask is amazing.

6. Gingerbread man. Also fantastic and with a very unique head. This is a standout of the series.

7. Christmas elf. Definitely a TV Christmas special theme developing here so weird that this is a wave that is not released at Christmas. Again a great value with the gift and the bear included.

8. Yeti. This one IS my absolute favourite. Very unique looking fun figure with a popsicle to boot. I love the monsters and mythological creatures that have been released so far. And he's another candidate for your Christmas special.

9. Rock climber. Sports? Even extreme ones leave me cold. This is a bland one.

10. Welder. Why not? We've had mechanics and plumbers. Tradesmen need Lego too. The mask is cool and I'm curious to see what sort of face they have underneath. Probably a sweaty one.

11. Female scientist. A little bit more of a positive female role model than seen in the Lego Friends line.

12. A jazz musician, who looks very much like a Blues Brother. This is a very hip minfigure. I dig it.

13. A retro fifties diner waitress. Great hairpiece AND she's on pink rollerskates. It's a winner.

14. Grandmother - complete with a basket and a cat. Will mean I have to hunt down Series 10's grandfather. The accessories add a lot to this one.

15. A bobby! Yay for English policemen and their cruel truncheons! OPEN UP! IT'S THE FILTH!

16. Female robot. Surely that's just a polite way of saying "sexbot".

And no crazy Mr. Gold style promotion this time? I wonder how successful that really was. The general Internet angst about it suggests to me that it backfired.

Oh, and LEGO, not content to rest on revealing a hundred new things each week have also shown off two new Minecraft themed sets that will release through their website in September. These are to compliment the existing forest set which was made possible through a successful Cuusoo campaign last year.

The first one is a village themed set which has a mine underneath it. It comes with tiny figures of a zombie, a villager and a pig...

And the other set is based on the Nether, complete with portal, zombie pigman and two horrible, weeping ghasts....

If these are anything like the first set then I assume they'll be modular, each one splitting into four sections which can be rearranged. And I'm sure that they will be able to connect to each other. As a Minecraft fan I like these a lot but the catch is that they're very expensive for their size. EB Games here in Australia has recently got in stock of the Forest set and it sells for (or at least sits on the shelf for) a whopping $78. About the same price as a new release AAA game. I know that these are exclusives and were produced in small quantities but still...

So which minifigures are you excited about? Or are you more excited about real world, meaningful things?

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