Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pre-Order Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 17 (XVII) Heartbreaker 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure!

We’re going to see a lot of new Hot Toys figures teased over this week’s San Diego Comic Con, but there’s one that you can secure yourself right now! Pre-orders are live for yet another, Iron Man 3 armour, this time the dapper and debonair Mark XVII, affectionately known as the Heartbreaker. I assume it earns this moniker as it is specifically built to lure, attract and endure naive supermodels with low self-esteem. Heartbreaker sports an iconic chest design and powerful pussy-magnets in both palms. I’m hoping that the entire thing will reek of cologne.

If that’s already sold you, you can pre-order it right this very minute from our good pals at Sideshow Collectibles here: Iron Man 3 - Hot Toys Marvel Movie Masterpiece Series Iron Man Mark 17 - Heartbreaker Armor Sixth Scale Figure MMS Series (Hot Toys) (and don't hesitate! History shows that these things sell out before release then go for crazy prices on eBay).

Or if you want more heartbreaking images and commentary, join me... after the jump!

We’ve all got a limit, right? There’s only so many Iron Man armours you can buys and display. But this is such a pretty one! I especially love that face plate...

I honestly don't remember what he does in the film but I do think that the "artillery level" suit is a striking design, and certainly different enough from the regular armour to keep him unique.

And the palms, eyes and chest light up which is always my favourite thing!

A couple of things to note though, this is one of the Movie Masterpiece figures so it's not diecast like some of the others we've seen. It doesn't come with a Tony Stark head sculpt either, although I wouldn't be surprised if it's compatible with previously released heads, as we've already seen with upcoming armours.

These pictures are fantastic but I still have zero idea what this suit is supposed to do. It kind of looks like a hatch in his chest. Probably full of puppies...

And here's what you actually receive...

That's one of the better stands we've seen in my opinion. The clear post is preferable to the regular black wire ones, and I'm a fan of the high-tech circular platform. It's raised too, which means these can all line up and tower over your Tony in front. Not sure I would personally take the plunge, but I definitely appreciate the aesthetics of this one.

And more are on the way! The Igor heavy-lifting armor is also being revealled at SDCC so let's see if there's an imminent pre-order for that one! I hope they make all 42 of them. Heartbreaker! Igor! Disco! Chameleon! Steve! Burgertime! Fuzzybunny!

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