Friday, November 18, 2011

Being Human: And then there was one

When a show has a very small core cast, like Being Human does, losing a member is a big shock. That's exactly what happened at the end of last season when Aiden Turner (the guy who plays Mitchell, the vampire who never washes his hair) decided to call it a day. Resident werewolf Russell Tovey (George) really said it best:

"I felt so sad for George, because he was losing his best friend; I felt so sad for the show, because Mitchell was a big reason the show was so successful. I feel like we were The Spice Girls and we’d just lost Ginger. Or we’re Take That and we’d just lost Robbie. Or we’re Westlife and we’d just lost Bryan. Although no-one cared about Bryan. Okay, we were Take That."

While fans accepted the fact that Turner was heading off to pursue bigger and better things (namely, playing a strangely sexy dwarf in the upcoming Hobbit movie), there was a definite sense of mourning. So it was a massive shock when last week Russell Tovey announced that, oh, btw, leaving too.


"I know some people might be pissed off with me that I’ve left, but I want people to love George and understand that I want to go off and explore other things. It’s sad. I’d decided that I was going to go when I finished filming series three, but then it was so successful and I thought, ‘Should I really be leaving?’ But I am. For me three is the magic number. It’s always in my head. I’d done three series and I was ready to go."

Will the show survive after losing two members of their unholy trinity? Time will tell, but it may be a hard ask seeing as the bro-ship between George and Mitchell was one of the most endearing things about the series. What do YOU think, reader friends?

Interview quotes stolen with love from SFX


  1. Well considering Nina and Annie were starting to annoy me in the last season, I can't really say I'd tune in again - it's a shame they strayed from the original concept of it being mainly about the relationship between the three housemates. Perhaps the should expand on the "Becoming Human" web series instead?

  2. Yeah, I never really warmed to Nina at all, so the thought of her and Annie carrying the show isn't super appealing. Ah well, we shall see!