Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movember Day 15: Baseball Players Had Some Sweet Staches.

Today's baseball players are mostly known for their beards, but back in the day, the players had some of the best moustaches ever.

In the film Mr. Baseball (an early 90's movie about a has-been player getting traded to a Japanese team), the producers knew exactly who to cast as the main baseball player. Of course, it was none other than Tom Selleck. We all know why they chose him. He wasn't necessarily known for his ability to play sports.

How do the real players hold up to the Tom Selleck stache? Whose stache was he channeling as Jack Elliot in Mr. Baseball? Click through the jump to see for yourself in our gallery of baseball's best moustaches.

Eric Show

Dave Henderson

Keith Hernandez

More Keith Hernandez

Mike Schmidt

Barry Bonds

Don Mattingly

Wade Boggs

Dennis Eckersley

Rollie Fingers

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  1. Everything I know about baseball is from that one Simpsons episode which had half of these cats in it.

    Rollie Fingers, oh my word!