Friday, November 18, 2011

Life's Too Short Episode Two Clip - Johnny Depp Is Pissed Off At Ricky Gervais (SPOILERS)

Episode Two of Life's Too Short aired yesterday in England, but everywhere else in the world must wait forever to see it. But thanks to YouTube, I can spoil another week of this awesome show for 99% of the world.

The episode starts off with Warwick Davis at a Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention, so it's loaded with Star Wars jokes and references. There aren't any clips available from those scenes, so I will feature the big guest star of the episode: a not-so-happy Johnny Depp.

The clip is pretty long (almost a 3rd of the episode!) so I'll set it up for you. Johnny Depp is playing Rumplestiltskin in an upcoming Tim Burton movie, so he calls Warwick Davis to come work with him for a week so he can get into the role. The job pays very well, and Warwick has no other work lined up, so he jumps on the opportunity.

Here's the scene. Pissed off Johnny Depp starts around the 4 minute mark, but it's all good.

Parts of this clip were floating around the internet about a month ago, and lots of people thought it was real footage. People are silly. 


  1. The first episode of this was slightly clunky (as seems to be usual for Ricky's projects), but the second was COMEDY GOLD.

    "My mates call me Morpheus."
    "Do they?"
    "Nah, I haven't got any mates. Just - just put Terry."