Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doctor Who Micro-Figures Series 2

The folks here at Fruitless Pursuits love blindly buying stuff to see what we get. Its true - between our love of Dunnys and Lego and the various Japanese stuff thats out there, blind packaging is all the rage. Well, last night, I came across something so fantastic it goes to 11.

See who I got after the jump
So, Doctor Who Micro-Figures (series 2) is from a company called Character Building, which has also made a series of fake-Lego sets based around Doctor Who, mainly ones that are relevant to the current Doctors run. It seems to be that there are about 10 different figures in the set, and they're pricy ($4.99 each). I picked up 7 last night, so going in I know that there isn't even a chance of me getting a full set. Pased on the checklist that comes in each, the 10th figure that isn't pictured on the front of the packaging is a plain clothed Amy Pond. Ok, enough of this, lets dive in.

Kick ass! its Rory the Roman!!, according to the checklist, its just "Roman".

Everyone needs a Cyber Man to dominate and destroy humanity.

a first appearance Amy Pond in her police uniform, not bad.

And now we get into the doubles. I ended up getting 2 sets of doubles, and considering which ones, I'm ok with that. Since the Silence tend to travel in packs, multiples were perfectly fine with me.

 And the final two? Well clearly its the Doctor. Not certain if the second one is a living flesh replicant, or just from a different point in the time stream. Either way, its all good.

I debate on buying more of the blind bagged ones of these because like I said, they are expensive for a sexy fake-Lego man. If anyone wants to buy me some, or any of the sets, I will not stop you ;)


  1. Haha, Luke has been trying to get the Amy. The hilarity when he bought three packets and got three red Daleks. Trololol.

  2. Wow, I've never seen these before. Have they made anything other than Doctor Who?

  3. Oh man I've been trying to get that Amy :( I got three doctors, three cyberman, and two Silences. My three daleks are from series one.

  4. ha, nice. I'm wanting to track down the River in Denim that apparently exists, but I don't want to drop a fortune on it, be it by itself or in the process of finding her via blind bagged figures.

  5. Even though I have been a part of perpetuating it, can I say now how much I despise blind-packed figures?

  6. You can say it.. but are there any (other than minimates) that can survive as non-blind packaged? It seems like the sales of doubles are the only thing keeping them alive.

    I do love the surprise though. :)