Thursday, November 17, 2011

Movember Day 17: Burt Reynolds!

Who isn't fascinated by famous people who look like pornstars, even though they aren't? For example, when first confronted with Megan Fox, wouldn't you naturally assume that she's a pornographic actress from the late nineties? And yet she's not! It's mind-boggling! And if we were going to think of a famous male actor that embodies a pornstar of the seventies or eighties, then we simply cannot go past the irrepressible Mr. Burt Reynolds!

What made him such a potent, virile, lady-pleasing powerhouse? His cocky smile? His rugged looks? His dense chest hair? No, it was his thick, lustrous moustache that clung seductively to his top lip like a reclining panther. Sleek, black, beautiful and dangerous.

Of course, with age, Burt has lost some of his potency. He's old now, he's not quite as famous or rich, and his once fine moustache has thinned and greyed. What was once a panther, is now an emaciated goat, reminding us all of our frail mortality. But let's enjoy him now in far happier days. This one's for you, Ladies!:

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