Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Found at Walmart: LOTR Mystery Pez and New (?) Star Wars: The Clone Wars Figures

So what kind of fun stuff is at Walmart right now? I was there 3 times on Saturday, so I managed to grab a few photos to share with you! They're starting to stock up on Christmas items and the toy section is getting beefier than usual. 

Is that a LOTR Pez set? 5 years too late? Nah... 

I have shots of the whole set, including the "exclusive" LOTR Pez dispenser only found in this set (although I've never seen any of these outside of the set). But before you keep reading... who do you think the exclusive one would be? Let us know in the comments how far off you were.
The Pez collection is a pretty impressive eight piece set. One for each of Shelob's sexy legs.  

There's Frodo and Sam (obviously).

Then there's the manly man pack of Gandalf and Aragorn (plus Legolas).

And Goofus and Gallant... I mean Gimli and Gollum.

So.. which one is the mystery exclusive? 

It's fucking SAURON! And it's pretty fucking awesome. 

I can only assume that I'll get at least 2 or 3 of these for Christmas this year. Each year my wife gets 2 or 3 of the Hello Kitty Pez collections, sometimes from the same people year after year (and they're the same each year).

So after that excitement, I will disappoint you with the new Clone Wars figures. 

That may not be entirely true. I haven't bought any Star Wars figures in a while so I don't know if these are all new, and some of them are actually pretty cool. I think I prefer the Clone Wars style figures to the normal 3 3/4" line, but I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just because it's something different than the norm. And the norm has gotten pretty stale over the past year or two. But there's always the super cool figure that draws me right back in.

Was it Hevy?

Nah. The unique Clone Troopers are alright, but I still don't know how I feel about them as characters. It's been almost 10 years now, so I better start to form an opinion soon.

Was it Embo?

Almost. He's pretty interesting. He looks a little Wat Tambor-ish and I love me some Wat Tambor.

Was it Jet?

No.. I do like him too though. The cartoon Clone Troopers have so much more life to them.

Was it Savage Opress?

ALMOST! I almost bought this one, which would open a black hole in my wallet. I managed to resist the dark side, but damn it was tough. Savage Opress is a pretty awesome figure. 

So that was it. One of my many exciting trips to Walmart on Saturday. See you next time!


  1. Not too newish. A couple of waves old. The Savage is the most recent, but I've had Embo and Hevy for about six months. The drought continues...

    I was hoping the exclusive was Peter Jackson as a hobbit. I think Eye of Sauron is far better!

  2. Man. How badass would you feel eating a pez out of the Eye of Sauron? Gonna burn my face off, don't even care, totally eating pez.

  3. Embo looked most familiar to me, but all of the figures stood out against the same ones that I've seen on the pegs for the past 6 months. Sorry to get your hopes up for new stuff!

    The only thing for me that would be better than the eye of Sauron would be the mouth of Sauron.