Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beast Mode

It's time for some kung fu action my friends! Here's a pretty rad edit of a bunch of 'eff yeah!' fight scenes

There's also a breakdown of what the movies are after the break thanks to the uploader.

I think SPL was the last great action film I saw. It's definately a good one to watch. Oh and Jackie Chan Armour of God and Police story... man I love those films

00:00 Dragon Tiger Gate Also on Netflix
00:03 Flashpoint
00:05 Prodigal Son
00:06 Dragons Forever Also on Netflix
00:08 Wheels on Meals Also on Netflix
00:09 SPL/Killzone
00:12 Flashpoint
00:24 Police Story
00:30 Prodigal Son
00:32 Dragons Forever Also on Netflix
00:34 Armour of God/Operation Condor 2 Also on Netflix
00:36 Police Story
00:38 Ninja Also on Netflix
00:44 Wheels on Meals Also on Netflix
00:54 SPL/Killzone
01:05 Flashpoint
01:12 Dragon Lord Also on Netflix
01:25 Ip Man Also on Netflix 
01:32 SPL/Killzone
01:40 Dragons Forever Also on Netflix
01:58 Dragon Tiger Gate Also on Netflix
02:41 New Police Story
02:54 Rumble in the Bronx
02:57 Project A 2 Also on Netflix
03:07 Dragons Forever Also on Netflix
03:21 Prodigal Son
03:28 Armour of God/Operation Condor 2 Also on Netflix
03:30 Ninja Also on Netflix
03:31 Ip Man Also on Netflix 
03:32 Police Story
03:34 Dragon Tiger Gate Also on Netflix
03:35 Wheels on Meals Also on Netflix
03:37 Flashpoint

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