Sunday, January 29, 2012

For the Win - Tasty Minstrel

 J and I got together via the internet earlier in the week and played For the Win from Tasty Minstrel, which is currently available for order via Kickstarter. How was it? watch the video and find out. When the project reaches $25,000 in backing, folks who pledge $15 or more will get the pieces for a 3rd and 4th player as well!

To back it, visit its Kickstarter page , but do so by 12:00am est on February 8th otherwise you miss out.


  1. I saw the screenshot and assumed this was a gay dating thing. I've always been rooting for you two to get together.

    Why have we not used this technology before? For, you know, rap battles?

    1. probably because you're the only one smart enough to do it on the fly. If you want to make a gay dating video for yourself, I can help.