Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avengers Trailer #2 - Time to Get New Pants

Some pretty fantastic stuff it looks like, though I'm sure it'll be about 80 minutes of angsty "You guys we're a team!" with 40 minutes of non-stop balls/womb tingling action sequences with another 10 minutes of setup for the next Avengers film that'll happen in another 8 years. 

I actually am looking forward to this, honest.


  1. hulk saving ironman at 1:54 is the greatest thing!

    If they can find that sweet balance of all the heroes actually working together like that hulk ironman shot rather than just cutting between individual action stories (like having the iron man battle, the hulk battle, the captain america battle etc) it could be pretty great.

    In my perfect avengers movie Captain Amercia would be like Jack Bauer... or just Jack Bauer rather than that kid. He's my ಠ_ಠ "argh this guy!" character

  2. What's with all the frigging BRRRAAAAAAM!!! BRRAAAAAAAAMMM! trailers these days? BRAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!! BRAAAAAAAAAAM!! Buncha' copy cats! Looks cool though. I love you Scarlett Johansson!

  3. we should get a BRAAAAAAAAAM!!!! BRAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!! trailer for FP and/or BWB. Will be a huge ratings jump for us all

  4. wow I have some doubts that this movie will live up to expectations but that trailer makes me think I'm just worried for nothing. Looks amazing!! I only wish that Hulk was Ed Norton...oh well...