Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wait.... Simon Pegg is Dengar?!

You know that I've been bewilderingly excited about lumpy, bandaged bounty hunter Dengar making his animated debut on Star Wars The Clone Wars this week, but today I discover that Dengar will be voiced by none other than jovial ginger Simon Pegg!? WTF!?

Here's Pegg sitting on the toilet - possibly the same toilet that Dengar smashed his head on while drunk.
We already knew that he was British thanks to the brief preview clip I showed last week, but I wouldn't have imagined that the mighty Pegg - although clearly a huge Star Wars fan - would accept the hideous, oft-mocked 3rd-stringer gun-slinger as his role in the Star Wars saga. I guess this means that Dengar is going to be a constantly quipping smartarse, which is kind of a shame because, based on his look, I've always imagined him to be a shifty, terminally depressed George Constanza. Bear in mind that in Empire Strikes Back he's fat, bandaged, and wears brown stormtrooper armour and loafers.

I'll be sure to bring you all the news on Dengar's debut once the episode airs!

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  1. If I could have my place as a voice actor in the Star Wars Universe, I'd want to be the voice of Lobot, who doesn't really say anything.