Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Playing Card Project 2012: Update 2!

Last week I revealed my intent to shoot 54 models with 54 weeks (hopefully it's actually going to take a fraction of that time) and produce some decks of genuine casino-quality playing cards! You can see the first two images I shot for the set right here.

Since then, the shoots have been pretty regular. Have shot six more, and have six scheduled for the end of this week. Here's the next few preview images - bearing in mind that they are all still subject to change before the final product.
Models are Hexx (left) and Shay (right). Shay's makeup by LMP Makeup. 

Join me after the jump to see the other four and find out how you can eventually be involved!

You may notice the themes beginning to develop between the various suits. This should become more apparent as more images are added.

 Cointreau Onnice (left) makeup by Nix, and Hayley (right).
Models are Nadia (left) and Jenn (right).

A huge thanks to everyone I've worked with so far! It should be noted that the models mostly style their own shoots, so a lot of the credit goes to them for their unique looks. 

At the moment the plan is to Kickstart this project a little later in the year. If that's something that you'd be keen to support and you want to make sure that you don't miss out on any info, then please feel free to email with the subject "Playing card project" and we'll  be sure to email you the pertinent link when the time comes.

More soon!

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