Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Bounty! Glorious Bounty is Envious!

It's Tuesday again, and that can only mean the unbridled excitement of a brand new page of web comic Glorious Bounty, illustrated with the mighty fists of Edward J. Grug III, with a script typed by my delicate, effeminate fingers!

When we last left the Glorious Bounty crew, Bruce and Deevis had their brains temporarily stored in new model PK robot bodies (much to the disgust of their own old crappy model PK) and were attempting to take down a giant bug-like weapons smuggler who was way out of their league. They're going to mess this up, right? Read on!

Click to embiggen, or check it out at the official site!

Holy shit! I'm so excited about what happens next that I want to be knocked unconscious for a week! And if you've never read Glorious Bounty then start RIGHT HERE AT CHAPTER ONE, you dummy!

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