Friday, April 20, 2012

Possible Pextinction

Recently, I started a page on the website called Pinterest. I did it basically at the suggestion of my Mother in Law, because she created a pin to the charity group I am a part of, and I had been really lax about creating the page. Been meaning to, but you know how it is. Time. All that shit.

Then on my wife's cousins' blog there was a recipe for some vegan stuff that I clicked on, but it was only on Pinterest. Did I mention to you here that I recently adopted a no-meat, no dairy plant strong lifestyle?

Probably not. I tend to keep that kind of thing on my own blog. But the health benefits are ASTOUNDING. You would not believe it.

So anyway, I went to look at this recipe, and I couldn't see it right away. IN fact, it took TWO DAYS. Wanna know why?

I'll tell ya. Because on this website, you have to be INVITED to actually join. And I am still trying to figure out just what the Hell kind of purpose this actually serves other than making me not want to actually use it.

Well, there are a lot of other reasons too, but that one really turned me off. I mean, I dicked around with it for maybe a half hour, but I found myself wondering...what is this actually FOR? And don't get me wrong, I am not dissing it by any means. I may still use it, I still just haven't figured out its practical uses yet, and when I pull up certain boards they are so...unattractive and unable to be organized in a way that is visually appealing to me.

I dunno...I am not so sure about Pinterest. I have reservations about it. Questions about it. Fears about it. I have the feeling it has a great concept in principle, but not in execution. I'm saying ALL of this, mind you, while being a complete rookie with it. I could be totally wrong.

But do you remember MySpace? I used to have a MySpace page. Can't even find it anymore. Pinterest might be the MySpace of this kind of concept. It isn't as visually appealing as it needs to be. Not as clean as it needs to be.

Dug these out from my old MySpace folder. Hey Luke, remember this shit?



  1. I have to say I don't "get" pinterest either. I really just don't get it. My wife's friends seem to absolutely love it though. Go figure. Plus I haven't been invited, and like you, that whole concept is annoying. Do they want members or not?

  2. never even heard of pintrest but that's just how I feel about google+...what's the point?

    1. I've seen two valid points for Google +.

      1. Multi camera video chat. I works very well, and we're starting to see it used as a video alternate to podcasting. I personally have used it for group conferencing while working on projects.

      2. The accessibility and connection to other Google applications. Your +1's connect to your google searches. Your contacts/friends show up in your email. Everything seems to flow very well together, especially since we use google for almost everything else already.

      Other than that, I don't know much about it. I don't really use it for social network status purposes. Just chatting and occasional +1-ing.

    2. All I've used it for so far is the +1ing, but yeah I could see video chat in the future. So far FB/Twitter more than accommodates my social networking needs though. I guess I just don't find these sites very accessible and feel no real need to learn them...

  3. Agreed on the invite thing and also don't get the Google + either. for Pinterest, I see a potential for functionality, however the actual work interface is not there for me. I see how it could, potentially, fucntion as a VERY good alternative to the current 'Bookmark' system in your current web browser. I hate the Bookmarking systems in Firefox and IE. And I don't use Safari. BUT, since I don't want all my Bookmarks public, and since I want the ability to have my Bookmarks be a little more visually ordered, in visual thumbnails that were maybe squares or something, I can MAYBE see me and Pinterest working if I am willing to use it ONLY if I create my own images and am willing to accept that it is not going to be private.