Thursday, April 19, 2012

This ePaper Watch is My New Favorite Kickstarter

I noticed this Pebble ePaper Watch a few days ago when going around Kickstarter, and quickly got alerted that it's now the most funded Kickstarter ever. And for good reason - it's a fancy looking affordable watch that has a lot of great features.

The quick and dirty is that the watch syncs with your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth, and runs a number of apps that allow you to keep time, control your music, etc. The possibilities are really limitless on this, and with it using ePaper (which is what the Kindle and Nook use), the battery life (USB chargeable, naturally) is about a week. That's incredible, and with the amount of money they've raised so far, it's not scratch/shatter resistant and waterproof.

My watch finally died on me last fall, and I've been resistant to get a new one. This might be changing my mind, because the idea is so neat, the technology feels so advanced - it's almost like what I pictured the future to really be like. I love it.


  1. I've been eyeing this one for about a week now. I don't wear watches but I really want to so I can justify this.

  2. This jumped up like 2 million dollars in the past 3 days. Crazy.

    It's also crazy that iPhone/iPod related watches have been some of the top Kickstarter projects ever, especially when iPhones and iPods are making it so you don't really need to wear a watch. Somehow these huge projects have embraced the technology and reversed it all.