Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where Do Beards Come From?

Have you ever asked yourself "why don't I grow a beard?" or instead, "why did I grow a beard?" Maybe you have no choice in the matter and can't grow one at all, which can apply to both men and women, as many do not possess the power to grow a full beard in half a day. (NOTE: this is not a very useful power to have, and in fact it's probably the complete opposite).

Sooooo, if you've ever wondered ANYTHING AT ALL about beards... this awesome infographic from OnlinePHD, titled "A PhD In Facial Hair" is for you! All of your questions will be answered in one really long, but informative image.

Are you ready to learn!? Click through the jump for your lesson of the day.

A PhD in Facial Hair

Created by: Online PhD

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