Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diablo 3 Collectors Edition Unboxing

Today is the day that many have been waiting for over 12 years to arrive, as Diablo 3 is officially here. So how is the game? I don't know! My copy of the game arrived by UPS at 4:40, only to be immediately met by waiting in a queue to play a single player game, and about 20 minutes later Blizzard shut all the servers down for emergency maintenance. But we're not here to question the effective launch day management that a company that concurrently runs a community of 11 million players at once in Azeroth, we're here to talk about the swag that you get when you buy your collectors edition ticket to the world of Sanctuary!

So whats in the box? Is it worth it? follow the jump and find out.

So theres a real chance that you've likely seen the contents of the Collectors Edition, but it is beautiful and well worth repeating.

The box itself is a beautiful white slip cover box with church like tapestry designs and moldings, with a nice three-talon slash right in the center of the front. A classic "Mature" rating is on the front as well ruining its beauty for all. 
Now lets say that you actually want to open the box and play...ok. So you give a pull on the top of the box to reveal the inner box...

And are greeted with the demonic sigil of a Diablo skull (well, maybe not. theres no hole in its head for a soul stone.

The contents of the box

So what is it? well, from top to bottom, the CE comes with the game (duh), a behind the scenes DVD on the making of the game, the games soundtrack, guest passes for your friends to kill stuff/get stuff with you, and a red box. Whats in that box?

Why, its a replica Diablo skull with matching Soulstone USB flash drive containing a copy of Diablo 2 and its expansion Lords of Darkness!

Jumping back to some of the other stuff in the box, lets take a quick look at the soundtrack and its innards.

Without the CD

CD Insert

A tabbard inside the CD case that sorta explains what happened previously. sort of.
An interesting fact, I think this is the first CD that I've owned in almost 6 years. The wonders and ironies of digital distribution.

Now, one thing that I did not show (because it wouldn't fit in the shot above) is that this comes with a fantastically huge book of art of the game. And not a little dinky book that is as long as a DVD case is tall like you'd find in the Mass Effect 3 CE. I mean, look

I haven't had a chance to go through it, so I'm just going to turn to a couple of random pages just to showcase it, and it looks like we have...the female wizard

So, in the end was the Collectors Edition worth it? Yeah, I think so. Is the game? No clue. Look to the near future for some reviews from at least two or three of us on our take on this hopefully bombastic game. If the beta even comes close to what this could be, then this will be epic.


  1. I had no problems getting in - though my graphics card is subpar so sadly the game looks pretty dreadful. Luckily Luke's hyperpowered gaming laptop graphics look drop dead gorgeous so it's obviously PURELY my problem.

    I'm only very slightly in, got it all running, did 2 levels and went to bed.I hope you appreciate the restraint this took...

    1. oh I do. I'm just mad at my personal situation of thinking I'd actually be able to play it during the day. I have a level 12 barb right now and its kicking some pretty good ass. can't wait to play with a group of 4 for some craziness.

  2. Opened my one of these last night, and holy CRAP. I only very lightly looked into the book because of spoilers, but it's SO incredible. Very glad I got the Book of Cain now, these are going to look epic next to each other on my bookshelf.

    And I'd forgotten there was a Warcraft vanity pet! OMFG!

  3. Question - are the angel wings a CE exclusive?