Friday, May 18, 2012

New Disney Muppets/Star Wars Mash-Ups Make my Head Hurt.

I love Muppets and I love Star Wars but that doesn't mean the two of them necessarily belong together. I mean, you can enjoy soup and you can enjoy top hats without filling your top hat with piping hot soup and having alphabet noodles melt your face off. I'm just saying.

The fine folk at Galactic Hunter have images today of some brand new Star Wars/Disney/Mash-up merchandise revealed at Disney's Star Wars Weekends. You can check out all their images and the full article here (via DarthChuckMC) but this is the image that really gave me pause:

I can kind of understand that the arrogant, conceited Link Hogthrob is Han Solo, but then are you seriously going to take Animal, the most wildly loud and unpredictable Muppet and turn him into the stoic, barely moving.speaking, emotionless Boba Fett!? And then to add insult to injury you're going to take Scooter, the whitest boy in the world, and turn him into Lando Calrissian, the blackest man in the galaxy? For shame, Disney! 

I can only imagine that photos of Muppets were pinned to one tree, and photos of Star Wars characters were pinned to another tree, and then a flock of woodpeckers were released to choose the combinations.

And why are they displayed in a box filled with delicious beef jerky?!!

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