Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Lego x Moleskine

We were tickled pink when the good folk at Nation State offered to send us one of the new (and limited edition) LEGO-themed Moleskine notebooks for a hands-on review. We love LEGO, and we love the allure of a brand new, blank notebook, so it was a matchup made in heaven.

Head below the cut to check out the verdict!


  • SIZE: 13 X 21 cm
  • PAGES: 240
  • FEATURES: Attached Lego plate on cover, Lego stickers included
  • COVER: Hard Cover, Debossed and Silk Screen Printed

We recieved a Large Plain Lego x Moleskine notebook to play with, though there is a smaller plain option, and lined options as well, for those who like their boundaries.

I must admit I was impressed as soon as I took it out of its packaging. A hard cover notebook is always impressive, and this one has a good solid heft to it. The cover design mixes embossing and printing for an effect that is as wonderful to the touch as it is to the eyes. And what is that in the bottom corner? A base? A BASE? You mean I can....

I can! I can attach my favourite little dudes to the front so they're there to keep me company on my travels. Nice thinking, Moleskine.

They've also included some buddies to go INSIDE the book. Oh, Moleskine, you've thought of everything.

I admit I've never actually owned a Moleskine notebook before, because for the sake of just being a notebook, they seemed fairly expensive. Now I've had a chance to scribble in one, I know why. The paper is silky smooth, and has that ever so slight tan tint that just says 'This is an important notebook for important things'. I was actually a little apprehensive to write in it at all for fear of soiling the pages, but for the sake of science...

Yes, we're all still really into The Avengers. And yes, I know Iron Man isn't technically a LEGO. Shh.
As you can see behind Iron Man's shoulder there, the pages weren't quite so bulletproof that they could withstand the bleed of a Sharpie marker, but that's literally about the only fault I can find. This is a really wonderful little notebook for the kid at heart, with lots of classy little nods to the classic franchise without it feeling too dumbed down or kiddy-fied. I suspect I will be ordering one of the smaller books soon as the go-to scribble book in my handbag.

This large plain notebook is available from Nation State (along with all the other LEGO books, and a bunch of other cool stuff) for the bargain price of $36.90. They offer free delivery for orders within Australia of $55+, and $100+ if you live internationally, so there's no excuse really! Go on!


  1. I am a stationery nerd and I own a moleskine diary and thus can attest to the awesomeness. MUST get one of these.

    1. I am a Lego nerd and a stationary nerd and also MUST get one of these. Great review, and thanks Nation State!