Friday, May 18, 2012

Hot Toys Avengers Loki Revealed! Pre-Order Now!

Updated with pre-order info!

The enigmatic geniuses at Hot Toys have revealed the next in their 1/6th scale (the) Avengers line and it is Loki: God of Mischief! Scorned son of Asgard and smiter of mewling quims everywhere!

There should be no doubt at this stage as to how detailed and accurate it is, in fact I was the only one with the steely resolve to post about it as it had our female team members all a quiver...

For more pictures, including an ornate shaft and two massive horns, join me after the jump, or you can pre-order him RIGHT NOW right here:
Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Loki Sixth Scale Figure - The Avengers

Man or woman, we can probably all agree that they have gone all out with this figure...

Do you want me to shut up for a second? Am I ruining your moment?

Can I hear quims mewling?

So it looks like we can expect a removable helmet and a lot of extra hands. Pointing hands, wildly gesticulating and monologuing hands, and some good-old fashioned sorcery hands. Oh and maybe a muzzle and shackles? Though surely if you choose to display him muzzled and shackled then you're a nut-case.

 I was only going to get Black Widow from this line but I'm getting more and more tempted to order them all and review them right here. Feel free to be the little angel and/or little devil on my shoulder in the comments section below.


  1. SCHWING. I'd totally display him muzzled.

  2. I think this means I'll have to get one of those Detolf cabinets from IKEA. Those are heavy. :(

  3. Wow this is amazingly life-like. Super detailed.