Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hot Toys Announce 1/6th Scale Prometheus Figures!

Hot Toys have updated their facebook page to announce that thanks to the success of Sir Ridley's Alien origin movie, Prometheus, they'll be making 1/6th scale figures of characters in the film. There's nothing to see yet and no announcement on which character/s will be made, but hopefully there'll be enough for critics to re-enact their own version of the film where everybody acts sensibly and nothing actually happens. "This star map could be an invitation from our creators. Or it could just be a big old waste of time where most of us get killed. So forget about all that. Now who wants coffee?"

I'm up for at least one of these because say what you will about the plot/characters/motivation/story those are some mighty fine spacesuits! I'm hoping that Hot Toys will have the tenacity to get some LEDs in those helmets too. Seeing as how they're probably already sculpting a Fassbender for X-Men: First Class I'd say that his android character, David, is a very obvious choice, but I'm hoping they go deep enough to make a Charlize. 

What thinks you, tight-lipped reader? The first offerings are due this year in the American fall (they call summer "melt", winter "freeze" and spring "bunny rabbit") so I guess we'll know soon enough!

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