Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con Huge Photo Recap

This past weekend was the annual Philadelphia Comic Con (formerly known as Wizard World Philly). Years ago it was all about bootleg DVDs, Star Wars actors, and exclusive toys. Things have shifted over the years and it's leaning more towards becoming a mass media event like San Diego Comic Con. Special guests Luke Perry, Jason Preistley, and Joey Lawrence were all scheduled to attend, which shifts the balance of the usual Lou Ferrignos, Bruce Campbells and Slave Leias. Although the convention has become more accessible, there is still plenty of nerdiness within.

Our good friend Dominic DiGiorgio a/k/a Digs Darklighter (@Digs1975) was on the scene and captured a  ton of images for us. Check out the Philadelphia Comic Con gallery after the jump.

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