Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nintendo Wii U Zombie Video Shows That You Too Can Be An Annoying Jerk!

Here's a four-minute "skit" from Nintendo which shows off the variety of communication features built into their upcoming Wii U console. And what better way to show off these features than utilise the memorable overacting of The Annoying Nasal Nerd, Douchebag Warren and Comedy Grandpa. You can be like all these jerks when you harness the power of the Wii U! It makes wrestling that giant controller a dream! But enough of me! Take a look for yourself...

A couple of things...

I already do most of these things with my iPhone. I check forums and watch videos when ever I'm stuck, or can even twitter/facebook/email/phone friends. I can even Skype them or use face-time without having to get up and place my phone in front of the television like the hilarious character portrayed in this video. So if that's the selling point I'm not quite convinced.

Secondly, have you seen the "community" on the existing online consoles? Is that something you're desperate to be a part of? Will the Wii U make it easier for me to converse with barely literate rednecks hollering homophobic slurs? I can't wait to spend more time with those guys!

Am I off-base here? Did I miss something important while watching the clever interplay of the various characters? Let me know why this is a good idea in the barren comments section below.


  1. I'm all for it if it's just the current Mii stuff mixed with the 3DS Letter Box but yeah, talking to non-friends does not excite me.
    The comment stuff on the Mario footage interested me the most. Great potential for in-game jokes if nothing else.

  2. haha that video is the worst. It's like the regular American kid scenes of the Power Rangers series.

    I feel like I have already bought the Wii U. I don't really want it but somehow I have already bought it