Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UPDATED with PRE-ORDER INFO! Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises Bane Revealed!

From midnight tonight, in cinemas across the country, fetish mask wearing sadist Bane, portrayed by a hairless Tom Hardy, is going to be using a terrified Batman's pelvis as a trampoline. To celebrate this fact, our dreamy idols at Hot Toys have revealed their Dark Knight Rises Bane 1/6th scale collectible figure...

Update! Here's the pre-order info! Grab him from Sideshow here:
Hot Toys DX Series Bane - The Dark Knight Rises - Sixth Scale Collectible Figure
Or as an added bonus, pre-order the camouflaged Tumbler here (or at least check it out):
Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Batmobile - Camouflage Tumbler Sixth Scale Collectible

And more images of Bane... after the jump!

The quality and detail I'd expect from Hot Toys is present here, of course, but one thing that immediately strikes me when looking at him without the jacket... He doesn't look that big!

Movie Bane is certainly not the massive muscle-bound hulk from the comics. Interesting too that they seem set on the visible arm joints now as opposed to hiding them with a rubber body like they did with earlier figures.

Not that it matters too much anyway as I imagine most people will display him with his huge jacket which appears to be quite instrumental in giving him his bulk...

Great face sculpt! I hope the mask is removable and there's more underneath. I suppose it depends on what happens in the film.

And nice weathering on the base, plus a busted up Batman helmet. He probably also comes with pieces of Batman's shattered pelvis.

Hopefully there's Catwoman on the way too? Nothing's been teased yet so if there is it might take a while. We still haven't seen our Iron Man Mark VII or Hulk yet come to think of it! 

The desirability of this figure may depend on how this movie pans out. Will let you know what I thought of it soon!

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