Sunday, July 15, 2012

Marvelgasm: The latest movie news from SDCC

San Diego Comic Con has already been exciting nerds the world over with the shiny treats that have been unveiled over the last few days, but things have stepped up a notch with Marvel revealing the titles and release dates for Thor 2 and Captain America 2, as well as TWO NEW MOVIES. Take it easy Marvel! You're going to strain something there!

The first 'Guardians of the Galaxy' concept art by Charlie Wen
Check out all the details under the cut.

First up we have Guardians of the Galaxy, a franchise I fully admit I know basically nothing about, save it being 'the one with the raccoon'. Everyone else is pretty excited about it, and that concept art looks fantastic, so I'm going to spend the next two years before release getting up to speed. The one thing I do know (but correct me if I'm wrong) is that these guys like to punch on with Thanos quite often, so I'm guessing this will all be paving the way for a big old Avengers/Guardians team up in Avengers 2. The thought of that many heroes in one movie makes my head hurt a bit, but I'm SURE it'll all be under control. We'll get to meet Rocket Raccoon and the rest of his galaxy guarding friends on the 1st of August 2014.

Edgar Wright's Ant-Man has been a long time coming, but with a test reel unveiled at SDCC it finally looks like things are starting to move forward. Original plans were to have both the Hank Pym AND Scott Lang incarnations of the character in an 'origin/flash forward to modern day' type setup, but a lot may have changed since 2007, so until we get an official word, we'll just have to keep guessing. The only casting rumour was more fanboy hope than anything else; Nathan Fillion's name was thrown into the rumour mill, but he himself threw water on that at the recent Hero Complex Film Festival by responding with apathy when questioned about his interest in the character. Sure, he could be foxing...but probably not. Test footage was very impressive by all accounts, showing Ant-Man using his size changing abilities in combat (including running along the barrel of a pistol while miniaturised). It didn't show him chatting to a bunch of ants, but I'm sure that will come later.

Our favourite All-American square, er, I mean, HERO, will be back on our screens in 2014 in 'The Winter Soldier', which pretty much confirms that Bucky will be back. Will he be evil? Will he have robot bits? Will Steve angst over it? SURE HOPE SO. The unsubstantiated rumours have been going CRAZY since this title was unveiled, the most interesting being that Black Widow and Hawkeye may be fighting alongside Cap. It's canon that Natasha hooks up with both Bucky and Clint at various points in her timeline, so it will be interesting to see if they reference that at all in the movie. I'm sure Bucky will eventually win her over on the strength of his fabulous hair.

Speaking of fabulous hair, we'll be seeing the golden-locked Asgardian and his greasy little brother the soonest out of all our superfriends (excluding Iron Man), but we still have to wait a whole year for it. AW MAN. My google-fu hasn't let me find any solid answers in terms of writers and directors, but one thing we know for sure is that Kenneth Branagh won't be back. It's a massive shame, but hearing that Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) and Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan) are likely to be directing and writing respectively dulls the pain a bit. They'll need to write 'NO BOOBS' at the top of Jones' run sheet each day just to make sure he doesn't lapse into any old GoT habits.

As horrible as I thought Iron Man 2 was, I'm still super excited for the third instalment. I mean, they can't make something that bad TWICE, right? The SDCC crowd got to see an exclusive clip of the film, due out May next year. I'm guessing there were snipers on the roof to pick off anyone recording the footage, thus why it hasn't ended up on YouTube. It's been pretty excruciating hearing the second hand accounts of 'Tony did something awesome! And then the suit did an awesome thing! And then Rhodey was there! And and and...!' without a visual, but I'm sure the rest of us non-SDCC'd plebs will get to see something eventually. EVENTUALLY. *dramatic sigh* The clip also featured the unveiling of Sir Ben Kingsley as Mandarin, all blinged-up on his throne. Just hurry up and be May already, geez.


  1. Alan Taylor definitely directing Thor which is rad. Hoping for Loki to team up with Executioner and Enchantress for fun times!

    I don't think Avengers will go up against Thanos. I think our teaser at the end of the film was actually setting up just the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise (just like the end of Iron Man sets up Thor, and the end of Thor sets up the cosmic cube in Captain America). I think Guardians of the Galaxy will deal with Thanos alone, but it does mean plenty of new characters that can be combined in the future.

    Didn't know Widow and Hawkeye might show up in Captain America. That could get me excited for our flag-waving, hamburger eating, bald eagle stroking, foreign baby killing hero!

    Did you read the description of the Iron Man 3 footage? Sounded quite funny.

  2. Tom Hiddleston has suggested Loki is going to be super emo in this next one, which will be...interesting.

    The current Avengers Assemble comic is the Avengers & Guardians against Thanos and I'm rather enjoying it, so maybe it was a bit of wishful thinking on my part. I'd totally love for them to do the New Zodiac thing, and by that I mean 'I want to see Hulk fighting a massive magical lion'.

    I think the Widow/Hawkeye thing is a BIG maybe, but it would be silly to not slot them in somewhere, given that we otherwise won't be seeing them again for three-ish years.

    The bit about him trying to fit the suit was really good and it's not really helping my burning desire to see the damn footage.

  3. Hulk vs. Azlan. Green Giant vs. Jesus Lion! Holy crap!

    Oh, and about Nathan Fillion? I remember an interview at least a year ago where he was all, "Yeah well if I was going to play a superhero I wouldn't want to be Antman" Like that was beneath him! I guess because Nathan Fillion stars in so many big blockbusters every year he gets to pick and choose.


  4. Being mean to Nathan Fillion on the internet is like pouring acid over a wasp's nest. *backs away slowly*

  5. Today was the first day I've heard about Guardians of the Galaxy being a comic let alone a new film. I thought I knew my marvel comics?

    1. Seconding this. A raccoon? Really?

    2. His sidekick should be the Deadpool squirrel.

  6. I wonder if Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be a movie equivalent of a showbag comic.

    1. They had some pretty big, well received comics in the last few years - All that 'Annihilation' stuff.

      Found it kind of dull when I tried it, but I only tried one of the books, so maybe it got better?

    2. hmm yeah I'm going to have to check it out. I did like Adam Warlock in the infinity gauntlet and I love Marvel space alien stuff.