Wednesday, July 18, 2012

America's Got Talent Quarterfinal Recaps: WTF?

This was definitely the worst night yet for the America's Got Talent quarterfinals. Acts were botched and boring, and out of the first half of the show it looked like none (maybe one?) wold go through. Thankfully it picked up in the end with a few amazing performances, including Lightwire Theater, which may be our winner in the end.

Click through the jump for videos of my top 4 and thoughts on the others. (Quick warning too, YouTube seems to kill the formatting here. Sorry!)

#1 Lightwire Theater - light / puppetry
It looked absolutely amazing. This is the big time vegas act that everyone has been talking about. I might have missed a little in the story (at one point I thought they were going to fight, then the little one started to dance?) but it's still phenomenal.
#2. Wordspit and The Illest - band
They played an original song, which was super ballsy, and super artsy in the world of pop music covers. The song "Lights, Cameras, Fashion" was catchy as hell. Howie said they didn't play the game by performing a cover, but they said that's not them. I prefer the original song 100%, but I think that popping in a line or two reference to a song that everyone knows would have sealed the deal for them.
#3. Jacob Williams - comedian
Awesomely awkward comedy. He started off a little slow, but it all came together in the end. I want to see him again, but I want to see him do a 30 minute set in a small club. It would be perfect.
#4. All Wheel Sports - extreme sports/dance
Before it even started, I was impressed by the stage layout. The act doesn't make too much sense… dancing mixed with extreme sports. There's a ton going on, and the camera work / editing probably didn't do it justice. And All Wheel Sports doesn't blend it as beautifully as David Garibaldi does with art, but it's still pretty cool.
...and the rest:
The Untouchables - children's dance group The young kids in crazy outfits, dancing with flashy lights was making my head spin. The performance was almost all a blur. Good stuff though. Crazy to see children so passionate about anything other than snacks and toys. They could have their own TV show. Is there already one about kids dancing? Mike Price - juggler He looked like he was struggling more than juggling. Everything was a bit on the rough side tonight. It's interesting how long it took someone to put out the fire on stage, and I wonder how an accident would pan out. Inspire The Fire - singing/dance group They were dressed in stars and stripes and singing that Katy Perry 4th of July song. There's nothing edgy about the 4th of July. It felt so corporate, and about two weeks too late. The performance itself was going very big, but didn't need to. Cristin Sandu - balancing act I don't even know what to say? He didn't finish his act. Pushed it a little too far. It didn't look possible, and if he was successful, it would have been a shoe in for next week. Would have been cool to see what was next from him. Elusive - dancer Dude can dance, but I'm not too sold on it? It was like watching a guy at a frat party doing tricks. I haven't personally experienced that, and never really want to. Jake Wesley Rogers - singer He covered Britney Spears toxic. It was an interesting arrangement, but the song is a little a bit of a joke and hard to take seriously. You could even see the smile sneaking through at times. Like the style, not the song. All Beef Patty - drag queen singer Oversized drag queen surrounded by shirtless men throwing footballs around. It was hilarious. With all of the action though, Patty's stiffness showed through. I wanted to see her run around with the dudes, and them even pick her up… or something! Spencer Horsman - escape artist With the way tonight's episode started off, I was worried for this kid. Whew. He survived, but I don't think he'll survive the competition. Everything was hidden behind a screen and my mind immediately wonders if he's hiding something. For videos of the ones that I didn't show above, check out:

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