Friday, July 20, 2012

Lego Minifigs Series 8 Images Disappoint?

What has impressed me most about Lego's blind-packaged minifigs series is how creatively left-field some of the figure choices have been. We've had minotaurs, sea-kings, rabbit men, the Statue of Liberty, a genie. We've seen a lot of uniquely sculpted pieces and characters we never would have imagined.

Well the much anticipated Lego Minifigs Series 8 have finally been revealed and, for me at least, something is a little rotten in the state of Denmark! There's a few fun figures, but don't a lot of these seem kind of... bland?

Santa, the pirate and even the alien overlord all appear to be close to what we've had in regular sets. We've already had a skiier, and a cheerleader, and that robot helmet has been used before. In fact a lot of these accessories have been used before. Is there much new here? I'm assuming the bat - as cool looking as it is - is readily available in the Monster Fighters line. I kind of dig the DJ and the Shakespearian actor but this is very much looking like the first set that I won't go out of my way to collect. In fact I can't see myself grabbing more than a couple of these.

What do you think?


  1. Yeah, this series looks a lot less exciting than the last few. There are a few that I want really bad, but there are a lot that I'm not that excited about. Enough that I probably won't dive in and buy a bunch of random packs. (I say that now....)

    But there are a few that stand out for me. The deep sea dude and shakespearian actor are both great. And although I may be able to get the alien overlord, santa and bat somewhere else, I probably won't so I'm really happy to see them here. Just kind of bummed that they are the best of this series.

    But there is another highlight.. the pretzel! It really looks like the robot is holding it, which would make it the best robot ever.

    I think this series could be a turning point for the line. I've noticed the last few series lingering on shelves, unlike the early days where you had to get them before they were sold out. Is it time for Lego to try something new?

    1. i hate to disappoint but I think the robot is holding the red laser thing and the guy in the green hat next to him is holding the pretzel :(

    2. Haha, I saw that... but I want a Pretzelbot!