Sunday, July 15, 2012

Deadpool Got Game!

Deadpool, as a character, is such a mixed bag for me. From his humble beginnings of Rob Leifeld trying to draw Spider-Man, to his latter incarnations as the crazy, cancer-ridden, fourth-wall-breaking merc with a mouth, he's often the victim of writers who aren't particularly funny desperately trying to be funny and not always succeeding. At worst he's the poster boy for cloying fan-service, but there's still something undeniably alluring and enjoyable about him that keeps even the hardest cynic curious about his adventures.

Well now he has his own upcoming video game and as deliberately obnoxious as the following trailer is, I can't help cracking a smile. This sure will be... something!


What do you think of this silliness?


  1. Him yelling pew pew when firing his gun will never get old. That's my favourite part.

    We've been hearing Nolan North's voice acting a bit too much lately. The guy is great and all but it takes me a while to stop hearing Nathan Drake.

    Deadpool's forth wall breaking jokes can be quite funny. He was the best in the marvel alliance games. He is also about as anitbatman as you can get so he does feel fresh as a videogame character.

  2. I was eyerolling furiously through this, but I'll at least concede that it's nice to have something different. And the fourth wall stuff does amuse me...