Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Webseries! Written By A Kid with Guest Star Joss Whedon

When Geek and Sundry launched a few months ago there was one show that I really wanted to see... and that was Written By A Kid. It's a high quality production of whatever may be in the mind of a five year old kid (and in today's episode.... we see that it's basically just a lot of guns).

Unfortunately the show wasn't ready then, but today it has launched! This week it's "Scary Smash", the 7-day adventure of a one-eyed monster that terrorizes the land after destroying a milk truck. It's a great idea, done very well... and with bonus points for casting Joss Whedon as the hero. Dave Foley and Kate Micucci also star in this tale of the epic struggle of man, monsters and milk. You're guaranteed to crack a smile a few times (look at that tiny gun!), and maybe even shed a tear.

Check it out.

Next weeks episode is called "Goth Boy". I hope the guest star is Tim Burton or that kid that plays the Amazing Spider-Man.

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