Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pre-Order Comic Con 2012 Exclusive Captain America and Commander Fox Right Now! (Plus more!)

So the good news is that even if you’re unable to immerse yourself in the heady sea of the Great Unwashed at this years SDCC, you can still get hold of a couple of awesome Comic Con exclusives from the privacy and sanctity of your own home!

Our dear friends at Sideshow Collectibles have a lot on offer this year and it’s available to purchase right now, ahead of the Con. Let me show you my personal favourites, starting with the exclusive edition of Hot Toy’s Captain America Rescue Version 1/6th scale collectible figure, in his “ZOMG I gotta’ go rescue, Bucky!” make-shift suit:

He'll set you back $219.99 and will ship within 2 - 3 weeks! You can pre-order him right here:
Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Captain America - Rescue Version Sixth Scale Figure

More pictures and more stuff... after the jump!

Here's a couple of close-ups! Notice that it's a different head to the grimacing upcoming The Avengers version:

Also available is this exclusive Clone Commander Fox from the Militaries of Star Wars 1/6th scale line produced by Sideshow themselves. If you read my review of Commander Cody then you’ll already know how impressed I am by the quality of this line. Fox has a unique and appealing deco which makes him at least 50% more foxy. For the laaaaaadies.

He's showing up as IN STOCK right now and can be yours for $124.99. Buy him right here.

And while it's not Comic Con related, checkout these fun Batman Trilogy Cosbabys (babies costumed as gritty Batman characters?) also from Hot Toys. They've just been revealed on the Hot Toys Facebook page.

But no Two-Face or Ra's Al Ghul? That said, these are far more expressive than previous Cosbaby releases. I like the fun they're having with the faces, especially for Catwoman and the Joker. If you like these I'll let you know when they're available.

So much cool stuff out there that I can barely keep up at the moment! And I have an amazing Hot Toys review for you within the next couple of days!

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  1. Yeowch, that's an unattractive Cap. Fox looks great though!