Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Kotobukiya Commander Bly

You may remember Clone Commander Bly from his 5 second starring role in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. You know, he was that guy who shot Aayla Secura when Order 66 was implemented! Aayla Secura! The blue chick with the...oh never mind. Let's forget about Team Lucas's ability to wring every last merchandising dollar out of the franchise, and check out this very kick ass vinyl statue from the good folk at Kotobukiya.

I found this dapper gent on eBay for an absolutely bargain price, and couldn't resist another Trooper to add to my slowly growing Kotobukiya collection. He did have a slight defect, one of his foot pegs were broken, but given that most of my collection has faults (some through my own stupidity while assembling, and some came out of their box broken), he would be just another member of my Reject Army.

Kotobukiya figures aren't moveable, but they come in such dynamic poses that you wouldn't really want to. They're relatively simple to assemble (excluding the time I had to take a hammer to my Scout Trooper's shoulder joint), and they have a very satisfying heft to them.

He's got some wonderful details on him, from his shoulder guards, to his utility belt and holsters. His armour also looks suitably battle-worn.

His base is one of the best I own. It's environmental, but not intrusive (like Boba Fett), and it's a much nicer shape than the hexagonal bases on my Sand and Scout Troopers. The way his foot is placed on the droid body does make him a little unsteady without his foot peg, but it's not too bad. Once he's positioned properly he doesn't have much chance to slide off.

The alternative head that came with him had an immoveable visor down over his eyes. It's not a bad alternative, but I'll be keeping him displayed in his un-visored version.

This bad boy came out in 2008, and I wasn't able to find any for sale in our usual online haunts, so your best bet if you're interested in a Bly of your very own is to hunt one down on eBay like I did.

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