Friday, July 6, 2012

Pre-Order Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises Batman, Plus Premium Format Posion Ivy!

It seems every week now we're treated to a brand new Hot Toys pre-order and this time around it's the much anticipated Batman DX 1/6th scale collectible figure from The Dark Knight Rises. And then, as an added Friday surprise, Sideshow also has revealed their stunning 1/4 scale Poison Ivy Premium Format figure:

If you want to skip my rambling you can pre-order both from Sideshow right away! Here are the links:
Batman: Hot Toys DX Series Batman DX - The Dark Knight Rises - Sixth Scale Collectible Figure
And Ivy: DC Comics Collectibles Poison Ivy - EXCLUSIVE - Premium Format Figure
(If the site is down, keep checking! Looks like it's getting a workout today!)

And if you enjoy my rambling then join me for more thoughts and more images... after the jump!

This looks to be the definitive Nolan Batman as this is the costume very similar to what he wore in the bulk of The Dark Knight too. It has the helmet-style, head-turning mask for double-taking at girls. This will be super handy with the introduction of Catwoman. It also looks like he has movie specific accessories like this awesome tanning gun...

A lot of detail present on the body armour too. I wonder if any of it is actually separate pieces this time?

And Hot Toys have been getting Christian Bale's likeness perfect for years now. This is no exception:

If they don't get it right he probably kicks in the door of the studio and yells at them so they've made sure it's perfect:

And don't forget that this Batman will also have some 1/6th scale vehicles available to him. Here he is with the massive flying 1/6th scale Bat vehicle - the largest film item that Hot Toys has ever made.

That pre-order link again:
Hot Toys DX Series Batman DX - The Dark Knight Rises - Sixth Scale Collectible Figure

And the Premium Format 1/4 scale Poison Ivy is a nice surprise! I don't yet own any of the Premium Format statues myself, but I often admire them in store and when the right one comes along I'll be all over it (nearly pulled the trigger on the Iron Man 2 Black Widow, but would rather wait and see if the do an Avengers version). Anyway, this Poison Ivy is up there - I think she turned out great! All other charms aside, I really love the face sculpt. It's absolutely stunning!

And here are some shots of her carnivorous base and the details of her hair. (As always with Sideshow, an apple has been kindly provided for scale):

This one is tempting.

Her link again is:
DC Comics Collectibles Poison Ivy - EXCLUSIVE - Premium Format Figure

Also note that she comes in both exclusive and non-exclusive editions. You'd be nuts not to try for the exclusive first.

Sideshow are churning out so much amazing stuff right now that I'm seriously considering having my salary diverted directly into their account.